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Journal of 2002...roughly. Journal of 2003-2004. Click to enter. Journal of 2005-2005...current.

More of my journals.  Click on them to go to the pages.
Journal Keith Zettel made me.  I have spent a year and a half in this journal and it is now complete.   One of my metal & leather small journals.  This journal is 3" X 4" and is my current small journal.  I will update pages here when I can. Big Spiral Journal

New Animations Added 3/25/01  I love playing in my journal with all kinds of moveable parts and things.  Here are a few samples:

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NEW!!!  Added 3/22/01 More Journal pages:

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NEW !!!  Added 2/11/01  Here are some pages from my latest journal:

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NEW !!!  Added 2/7/01

Here are some images from my recently filled small metal journal.  This journal was 3 1/2" X 4 1/2" and was the perfect size to carry around in my pocket.  This journal was titled "Book of Infinite Mystery."

     covertn.tif (13511 bytes)   Click on the journal to see some of its content.
The assorted pages below are from many of my other journals and appear in a very random placement.  When I get more time, I will try and organize.   As you can see, the way I journal has no set rhyme or reason.  I write, sketch, paste stuff, and just plain escape in my journals.  I also love to have others write or draw in my journals too.  I am almost always   journalling while at coffee houses or quirky bars around Seattle.  It's great fun to get others to sit and chat and share a favorite doodle or poem or joke.   Anyway, I'll be adding more if there is enough interest out there.   ......Tracy

Click on these thumbnails for a bigger view of the pages:

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p23tn.jpg (6267 bytes)  p24tn.jpg (6712 bytes)  p25tn.jpg (8061 bytes)  p26tn.jpg (7654 bytes)   More....

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